Into The Woods, JR.


Look at how enthusiastic the children of Into the Woods JR. are! The rehearsals have been progressing with success, and we are in the final stages of preparing for the show! Rehearsals might be tiring, but it is extra rewarding for our young performers as they still leave the session with smiles!

Our performers are striving very hard to perfect all the moves, songs and lines to bring to you a perfect performance!

After performance

A big throwback to the time we first met with all our summer school students during the Kick-off Start meeting! Time flies in a blink of an eye, and the Opera Hong Kong Summer School 2016 has officially ended with fruitful success and joy!

Over the course of one month, our students underwent intensive but enjoyable training to polish their singing, dancing and acting skills. With the help of our volunteers, teachers and directors, it wouldn’t have happened so smoothly.

During the performance, our performers showed professionalism as they forget about the nerves of performing, striving for a perfect performance, in return for the claps of the audience. Receiving acknowledgement is indeed very satisfying, but our performers understand that the most satisfying part is known they have gained new skills and experiences from their time with us. Standing on the stage that belongs to them, the children and their bright smiles proves that the whole experience was fun and is going to be a memorable time imprinted with them forever. Within the one month’s time, we are able to witness how much the children have grown into who they are today, and how they have improved in all different aspects. Hopefully, there is something they are able to take away with them from this course, and that it will also aid them in their future!

On RTHK radio talk-show “Children’s Corner”

What a surprise to see Ms. Nancy Loo with some of the cast of Into the Woods JR.!

The children, teachers and director of Into the Woods JR. had recently been invited to Ms. Loo’s RTHK radio talk-show “Children’s Corner” to share their thoughts and experiences about being in the production. Although talking on the radio is a whole new experience, but our talent performers are immune to stage fright and enjoyed their time there! The interview was done professionally, but also not lacking the element of fun and liveliness brought by our performer – look at the photos they took with cute poses!