Title Sponsor of 10th Aug Performance


Following the success of previous performances, Opera Hong Kong Summer Camp celebrated its 10th anniversary in summer 2018 with the most wonderful performance of the Tony Award-winning musical, The Music Man Jr.  The performance was led by children singers from the age of 5 to 18 years old, who had undergone 3-week of intensive vocal training and acting course provided by Opera Hong Kong Summer Camp.

Opera Hong Kong Summer Camp is organized each year to offer Young children the opportunity to perform lively repertoire with incredible musical worth and witty humor.  We believe such opportunity allows participants to apply their creative expressions, musicianships, and their appreciation towards operatic work through our training.

The Music Man JR. Synopsis

The story follows Harold Hill’s, a con man and musically illiterate, arrival in River City, Iowa. Hill has a malicious plan to trick the parents of this town with his irresistible charm and confidence, Hill successfully convinces them to organize a children band as the perfect solution to combat the corrupting influences of new modern games. Once he has collected the money for the instruments and uniforms, he then vanishes and leaves the town with grievances and anger.

His act catches the suspicions of Mayor Shinn and Marian till Marian sees the positive impact of Hill on his shy and self-conscious younger brother, she helps Hill covering his fraud and falls in love in the process.  Although Hill manages to gain the trust of the people from River City, his trick is eventually exposed. Hill then is brought before the town meeting what will be his fate?