2017 K Wah Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus Annual Concert – Alice@Wonderland 28-29.OCT.2017
2016 Ocean Park Christmas Performance 22.DEC.2016
OHKCC Annual Concert  – King Arthur 22-23.OCT.2016
Opera Otello 13-16.OCT.2016
Opera Romèo et Juliette 27-30.MAY.2016
2015 Ocean Park Christmas Performance 28.DEC.2015
Disney Christmas Performance 23.DEC.2015
K Wah Group 60th Anniversary Grand Celebration 10.DEC.2015
OHKCC Annual Concert – Hansel and Gretel 14-15.NOV.2015
Opera Tosca 7-11.OCT.2015
Singapore Chinese Orchestra 18.OCT.2015
Ocean Park Christmas Sensation 02.JAN.2015
2014 Ocean Park Christmas Sensation 29.DEC.2014
Mini Performance 29.NOV.2014
UBS Optimus Foundation 15.MAY.2014
Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus Annual Concert 2014 15.MAR.2014
2013 SoHo East 24.DEC.2013
Singing Carol Festival 2013 22.DEC.2013
Ocean Park 15 & 30.DEC.2013
Flash Mob Performance 14.JUL.2013
Performance at 16th Anniversary of the Establishment Day of HKSAR 1.JUL.2013
Opera Hong Kong 10th Anniversary Gala Concert 20.JAN.2013
Angelic Christmas Voices at Ocean Park 1.JAN.2013
2012 K.Wah Annual Dinner 7.DEC.2012
Opera – Carmen 10-13.MAY.2012
Prime Awards for Brand Excellence 1.NOV.2012
2011 The 2011 Matilda Sedan Chair Race & Bazaar 30.OCT.2011
Celebrity Fundraising Concert 2011 6.MAR.2011
2010 Ocean Park Christmas Sensation 19.DEC.2010
Gong Dongjian Recital 6.DEC.2010
Trick or Chair-ity Treat, The Peak 31.OCT.2010
Opera – La Bohème 6-10.OCT.2010
Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus Concert 17.MAY.2010
Noah’s Ark 3.JAN.2010
2009 Art in MTR – Living Art 22.MAY.2009
Opera Hong Kong Gala Concert 3.APR.2009
2008 Sichuan Fundraising Concert 27.JUL.2008
Opera Werther 8-10.MAY.2008
Master Class by Annie Vavrille 1.MAY.2008
Opera Werther Meet-the-Artists 10.APR.2008
Master Class by Natalie Choquette 1.APR.2008