Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus Annual Concert 2016 – King Arthur

Rehearsal Highlights – 18 OCT  2016

In preparation for our Annual Concert, Children Chorus members have been working very hard to bring you a wonderful performance of Purcell’s notable opera  –  ‘King Arthur’.

Annual Concert – 27 OCT 2016

As the opera ended with Arthur’s victorious return from the battle, the Children Chorus Annual Concert 2016 was concluded with a resounding success! Heartfelt thanks to all who have attended the concert and witnessed their incredible talent and creativity. We would like to specifically thank all of our sponsors and parents of the Children Chorus members for your ardent support which made the concert possible. Congratulations to all of our Children Chorus members for your wonderful performance. Surely you would cherish the memories and experiences of all the good work you have created which made every each of you the spotlight of the show. It will definitely contribute to your growth in all ways. Together, we are excited to look forward to our Annual Concert in the future and working with you again in this joyful and meaningful journey.