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The Hon Sir David AKERS-JONES, KBE, CMG, JP *
Mr BUT Mau Sum *
Dr CHAN Ka Ho, Johnny *
Ms CHAN Kit Wah, Eva *
Mrs Mimi CHAN
Mr Robert CHAN
Dr CHANG So Ming, John *
Mrs Mary CHEN
Dr Edgar CHENG
Mrs Mariana CHENG, BBS,JP *
Mr Moses CHENG, GBS, OBE, JP *
Miss Vena CHENG
Mrs CHEONG SO Ka Wai, Patsy *
Dr CHEUNG Kit Ying, Andy *
Mrs Alice CHIU, JP *
Ms CHIU Kam Ping *
Ms CHIU Wen Ling *
Mrs Janice CHOI *
Dr CHOI Koon Sum, Jonathan, BBS, JP *
Miss Jolene CHOW
Mr Anthony W.K. CHOW, SBS, JP
Dr CHU Shu Ho, David
Mr & Mrs CHUNG Po Yang *
Miss CHUNG Wai Mun *
Miss CHUNG Yan Yan
Dr David FANG *
Ms Janie FONG
Dr FUNG Carl Pui *
Mr FUNG Hing Cheung, Kenneth *
Mr FUNG Hing Wang, SBS, JP
Dr GOH King Man, Victor *
Mr GOH Soon Khian, David
Ms HO Chiu King, Pansy Catilina*
Mr Edward S. T. HO, OBE, SBS, JP
Ms HO Wai Yu
Ms HU Xiao Bing Shirley
Mr HUO Wai Chiu, Rex *
Mr Gordon JONES, BBS
Mr KAN Fook Yee, SBS *
Mrs Alice KING *
Mr David KUNG
Ms Angelina Agnes KWAN *
Ms KWAN Man San, Lucy
Mr Ronald KWOK
Mr Joseph LAI *
Mr LAI Yim Shik Daniel
Mrs Ivy LAU *
Ms LEE Choi Chun, Joyce *
Ms Loretta LEE
Mr Joseph LEE
Mr LEE Peng Fei, Allen*
Mr Cecil LEONG *
Ms Catherine LEUNG
Dr LEUNG Chung Chuen, Roland
Mr Steve LEUNG
Mrs Teresa LIN
Dr LO Kwong Yin, Richard *
Mr James LOUEY
Dr LUI Che Woo, GBS, JP *
Mrs Mabel LUI
Ms Paddy LUI, BBS, JP *
Ms Sonia LUI
Dr John LUK *
Dr Michael MA *
Dr MA Ching Wan, Ronald *
Dr MOK Hing Yee
Mrs MOK KOO Mei Chee *
Mr Johnny MOK
Mr Tony MOK *
Mr Warren MOK *
Mr Robert NIELD
Mr Douglas PON
Ms Teresa PONG
Ms Vanessa POON
Mr Laurence SCOFIELD
Mr Robert SHUM
Ms Edith SHIH *
Mr Stephen TAN *
Mr TANG Chung Ping, Joseph*
Mr Peter James THOMPSON, OBE, ILD, JP *
Dr Dennis TING Hok Shou, OBE, JP *
Mrs Angie HO TING
Dr TONG Pak Chuen, Patrick *
Mrs TONG Wang Pei Chi Peggy
Ms TSANG Wing Hin, Emily *
Ms TSANG Wing May, Corina
Dr TSAO Yen Chow *
Ms Tammy WAN *
Mrs Beatrice WEN
Dr Kennedy WONG
Prof WONG LEUNG Kit Wah Annie
Mrs WONG NG Mei Ha
Mr David YAM
Dr YANG Hsueh Chi, Serena*
Mr. YANG Kai
Mrs Anna YEUNG
Mr Anthony YEUNG
Mr Patrick YEUNG *


Upcoming Productions in 2017
Upcoming Productions in 2017
12 MAR - 30 NOV 2017
Opera Hong Kong Gala Fundraising Concert 2017
Opera Hong Kong Gala Fundraising Concert 2017
12 MAR 2017
Aiming at raising funds for Opera Hong Kong, Opera Hong Kong Gala Fundraising Concert took many talented amateur singers, as well as international stars and local talents to the stage. The Concert was attended by friends and relatives of the performing singers, senior government officials and business leaders.
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The Barber of Sevill ...
Count Almaviva falls in love with Rosina. With the help of the barber Figaro, he carries out his plan to outwit her uncle, Dr Bartolo, who has his eye on his ward's fortune.
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A poignantly evocative story of a love triangle during the times of war between Egypt and Ethiopia, Aida features the most intricate and memorable music that Verdi ever wrote.
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