Rigoletto is an opera by the Italian genius Giuseppe Verdi, which based on the play “Le roi s’amuse” by Victor Hugo. The work was Verdi’s first international triumph and ranks among the most frequently performed operas in the world. A tragic story of jealousy, vengeance and sacrifice.

The protagonist of the tragic story is a hunchbacked court jester who encourages his master, the Duke of Mantua, to indulge in a licentious and lustful life until his own daughter, Gilda, falls victim to the Duke’s seduction. Rigoletto’s plot to have his master murdered backfires and results in Gilda’s death. Verdi imbued this work with enchanting melodies, strong dramatic situations, powerful characterization and intense emotions.


Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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Opera Hong Kong Announces the Newly Elected Chairman and Board of Directors

Opera Hong Kong (OHK) is pleased to announce its Annual General Meeting was successfully held on 14 March 2019. Mr. Ronald Kwok (郭永聰先生) was elected as the Chairman of the company with effect from 26 March 2019.

Mr. Kwok has been a Director of Opera Hong Kong since 2009 and the Chairman of its Membership Committee since 2010. He serves in a number of other positions to promote art and culture in Hong Kong. Ronald is currently a Member of the Advisory Committee on Arts Development and the Committee on Venue Partnership in Hong Kong. He was formerly a Council Member of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. 

Mr. Kwok said, “It is my honour and pleasure to take up the baton to lead Opera Hong Kong. I am very proud of our company which has established a solid foundation of bringing world class opera productions and initiating a comprehensive series of education and outreach programmes to our Hong Kong audience. However, there is no room for complacency. We will respond to the trust and support of all our opera lovers and sponsors. They are the impetus for us to strike for excellence in promoting the art of opera.”

While OHK expresses its heartfelt gratitude to Mr. KL Wong, former Chairman, for his diligence and contributions, OHK congratulates the appointment of Mr. Kwok, and believes under the leadership of Mr. Kwok, OHK will continue to deliver strong results and reach new horizons in the coming year. OHK also welcomes Ms. Vena Cheng and Ms. Mabel Lui to join the Board of Directors. OHK has also setup the Young Artist Development, and Mr. Chester Hoang will take up the role as the Chairman. The latest setup committee targets to deliver the education vision of OHK to the Hong Kong community.

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